June 20 , 2018
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Seven Environmental Site Investigation Projects in Liyang Start Successfully
Release time:2014-11-10  Browse:2435

      In October 2014, after several rounds of intensely competitive bidding and evaluation, Jiangsu Suntime successfully won the bid to perform environmental site investigations at seven sites in Liyang County of Changzhou. These investigation projects were officially underway by the end of the month.

      Prior site usages include battery processing, ion-exchange resin manufacturing, precious metal processing, and chemical manufacturing. After our technical personnel familiarized themselves with site conditions, they formulated a specialized investigation plan for each of the seven sites. The goals of these site investigations are to create a complete picture of soil and groundwater conditions, to evaluate the impact of these conditions on site redevelopment, and to provide a useful dataset for possible future remediation.

      This project represents the successful expansion of Jiangsu Suntime into the Liyang County market and the establishment of our image there as an effective and professional company.


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