June 20 , 2018
Technical Team
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We take scientific and technological innovation as the enterprise's developing subject. We pay great attention to employeetraining, technical research and development. We have gathered a strong team of excellent talents in the field of soil and groundwater remediation, whose background cover environmental engineering, hydrogeology, pedology, chemical engineering, ecology, project management, economics, etc. 60% of our staff have been granted the master degree and 45% have background of studying or working abroad; 60% of the staff have professionaltitles and the R&D personnel account for 32% of the total staff.
  Xiaoping Li Professor
hangzhou, with expertise on contaminated soil and groundwater remediation. He got his doctorate in Ecology from University of California, Davis. Prof. Li successively held the positions of vice director of Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, director of the Shanghai Soil Remediation Center, researcher of State Key Laboratory of Es...
  YouKuan Zhang Professor
Chief Scientist,Prof. Zhang is an expert of “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” (also known as “Thousand Talent Plan”) of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, senior researcher at IIHR, tenured professor at the University of Iowa, professor, Ph.D. candidatesupervisor and the ...
  Heng Su Ph.D.
Dr. Su is one of the top level talents authorized by the government of Changzhou. He was granted his master degree of chemistry from Shanghai Normal University. After receiving his doctor degree in Chemistry at Neuchâtel University in Switzerland, Dr. Su worked as postdoc researcher at Bern University in Switzerland and Colorado Sta...
  Kai Yao Master
Mr. Yao is one of the innovative talents authorized by the government of Changzhou. He was granted master degree of geology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in USA, master degree of environmental engineering at Temple University in USA, and bachelor degree of geology at China University of Geosciences. As a registered environmental...
  Bo Hu Ph.D.
Dr. Hu was granted doctorate of soil environmental science at University of Limoges, master degree of geoscience at University of Lorraine, and bachelor degree of water supply and drainage engineering at Qingdao Technological University. His research focus is soil remediation and water pollution control, and his doctorate thesis topic is ...
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