June 20 , 2018
Training Systems
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We have mature training and growth systems. From your first day working at Shangtian, you will have access to our professional growth plan.

Our training systems include: New employee training system, technical employee training system, and managerial employee training system.

The procedure of new employee training:

Step One
The trainer introduces our firm's history, major business, culture, core members, managerial regulations, salary system, reimbursement procedure, offices and facilities, and the use of our internal electronic office system.

Step Two
You take a tour of our firm's offices and living areas.

Step Three
We organize team building outings in groups for new employees to improve our teamwork and work spirit.
Finally, we introduce you to your supervisor and colleagues and get you familiar with your working procedures.

Technical employee training system

Our technical training system is divided into both external and internal parts. The external part involves professional courses offered by universities, as well as lectures by national and international technical experts. The internal part is conducted by a group of our firm's engineers. They will not only teach the theoretical knowledge but also the practical techniques at work.

Training systems include both technical and managerial promotion pathways so that employees can exert their strengths.

Training systems for managerial employees

Senior-level, mid-level, and entry-level training are included in this system. Senior-level training consists mainly of seminars and forums. Mid-level and entry-level training mainly involves short-term learning programs offered by social enterprises or universities. We will provide top-level opportunities for overseas training and study for excellent employees, who sign a relatively long-term contract.

In addition, as required by the duty description, promoted managerial employees will have access to training so that they can adapt to new positions.

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