June 20 , 2018
How to apply
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  Application procedure
  Step One Complete the resume form
  Please complete the resume form available at the link below. Include your basic information,   educational background, training background, working experience, desired position, etc.
  Step Two Submit your resume ((Click here to download the resume form))
  After confirming that you have completely filled out the form, please send it to st@stxfjs.com.
  Step Three Preliminary Screen
  Once your resume passed the preliminary review, we will inform you of interview in five business   days via phone call or email.
  Step Four Interview
  Please bring your ID, and original copies of relevant documents, such as your diploma, and other   certificates. Please bringand ID photos when you come for the interview.
  Step Five - Notice of Offer
  We will contact you in five business days via phone call or email if you pass the interview.
  Step Six If you don't pass the interview
  Your resume will remain in our talent pool. If there is any suitable opening in the future, we will   contact you.

  Application Procedure at Career Fair

  We post our recruiting information on various Changzhou recruiting websites. If you are   interested in any of our current openings we welcome you to visit us at a career fair.

  Training systems include both technical and managerial promotion pathways so that employees   can exert their strengths.

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