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Chemical Plant and Coking Plant Site Investigation and Risk Assessment in Changzhou
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August, 2013
Changzhou, Jiangsu
Future Land Usage:
Residential & Commercial Land Standard
Contaminants of Concern
Verified the contaminants of concern and remediation target (objective value and area)

       The site was located in the west part of Changzhou, including a destructed chemical factory and coking factory. The site was planned to be developed as residential and commercial area in the future.
      The old chemical factory covered about 235 thousand square meters and mainly produced synthesis ammonia. The old coking factory covered around 446 thousand square meters; its products included metallurgical coke, tar, crude benzene, brim stone, anhydrous ammonia, active lime, etc.
       We conducted site investigation and risk assessment in June, 2013. According to the analysis result, the contaminants of concern included benzene, benzo-a-pyrene, copper, mercury and so on. Risk assessment was carried out to identify the contaminants which led to unacceptable risk to human health, and target remediation value and area.



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