June 20 , 2018
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Jiangsu Suntime Environmental Remediation Co. is a high tech environmental consulting company. Our services include site investigation, risk assessment, remediation system design/implementation, and contaminated waterway sediment remediation. Our core competencies include environmental engineering, building demolition, and earthwork engineering.

A list of our licenses is as follows: Environmental Engineering EPO License (Class B), Environmental Impact Assessment License (Class B), Building Dismantlement License (Class B), Earthwork Engineering License (Class C), and Jiangsu Environmental Pollution Control (Contaminated Soil, Groundwater, and Water Body Remediation) License (Class A).

Jiangsu Suntime was selected in 2014 to serve as a provincial environmental emergency response team. In addition, we also have a National Certificate of Environmental Impact Assessment (Class B) and a series of ISO Quality System Certificates including Occupational Safety and Health Management Regulation (GB/T28001-2011/OHSAS18001:2007), Environmental Management Regulation and Practice Guidance (GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001:2004), Quality Management Systems Regulation (GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008), and Code for Quality Management of Engineering Enterprises (GB/T50430-2007).

Jiangsu Suntime collaborated with well-known regional universities to establish a remediation technology and engineering research center. With our continued growth, Jiangsu Suntime has become one of the most influential companies in the Chinese environmental remediation industry.

Jiangsu Suntime has developed a first-class professional team by cultivating local talent and hiring experienced international personnel. Their team of experienced international talent includes Professor Xiaoping Li (former director of the Shanghai Soil Remediation Center and director of the Shanghai Expo Remediation Project), Professor Youkuan Zhang (director of the Center for Hydro-Sciences at Nanjing University and tenured professor at the University of Iowa), and Dr. Heng Su (editor of the Journal of the American Chemical Society and author of many patents/publications).

Equipped with an advanced independent laboratory and engineering R&D center, Jiangsu Suntime is capable of analyzing, investigating, and developing a variety of treatment processes and methodologies for soil and groundwater of different properties. Suntime currently owns 29 authorized patents, including 3 patents of its own invention.

Jiangsu Suntime values  technical innovation and scientific research. We have carried out academic research in cooperation with universities and scientific research projects. Suntime has also signed a contract with China Venture Capital Inc. to achieve resource integration and rapid development.

Suntime is currently in a state of rapid growth with the intent of spreading its business nationwide. We will rely on our innovative technical team, systematic management approach, and excellent quality management systems to continue our market expansion, become the leading technical service provider in our industry, and help build a healthy and harmonious environment for mankind.

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